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How to Read Your Report

How to Read Your Report

What is Genetics?

Human are made up of cells

Cells are made up of nucleus

Nucleus is made up of chromosomes

Chromosomes are made up of DNA

DNA is made up of genes

Genes are coded by nucleotides

Changes in nucleotides lead to genetic variations

What is Predictive Genetics?

Genetic variations make us all unique

Population with predisposition to curly hair

Population with predisposition to blue eyes

Population at high risk of obesity

Population at high risk of heart attack

Score Interpretation

Excellent / Protective

An ‘excellent / protective’ score indicates a very favorable response or ability for a trait.

Good / Lower Risk

A ‘good / lower risk’ score indicates a favorable response or ability for a trait


A ‘typical’ score indicates a typical response or ability for a trait

Poor / Slightly Elevated

A ‘poor / slightly elevated’ score indicates an unfavorable response or ability for a trait

Very Poor / Highly Elevated

A ‘very poor / highly elevated’ score indicates a very unfavorable response or ability for a trait

General Guidelines

This report provides information about genetic predispositions only and may not indicate current conditions or characteristics.

Genetic risk or predisposition given in the report is based on statistically relevant genomics research studies, which should not be taken as a diagnosis of any health condition or overall wellness.

The information in the report may provide an understanding of one’s genetic risks and may help in making informed decisions regarding one’s wellness and goals.

Traits in the report are not genetically interlinked; their genetic associations are independent of each other. Therefore, every trait score and interpretation are independent of each other.

Please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before making any dietary, fitness, health and wellness related changes.



Les Cures

Les cures

La Cure Tonus

Complément alimentaire tonus

La Cure Immunité

Complément alimentaire Défenses immunitaires

La Cure Digestion

Complément alimentaire Ballonement

La Cure Anti-Âge

Complément alimentaire Anti-âge

La Cure Articulations

Complément alimentaire articulation genou

La Cure Sport

Complément alimentaire sportif

La Cure Anti-Rides

Complément alimentaire Peau

La Cure Beauté

Complément alimentaire beauté

La Cure Récupération

Compléments alimentaires récupération musculaire

La Cure Sommeil

Complément alimentaire Troubles du sommeil

La Cure Cheveux

Complément alimentaire Capillaire

La Cure Concentration

Complément alimentaire concentration

La Cure Transit

Complément alimentaire Transit

La Cure Anti-Stress

Complément alimentaire anti-stress

La Cure Grossesse

Complément alimentaire grossesse

La Cure Peau Sensible

complément alimentaire peau sensible

La Cure Détox

Complément alimentaire Détox foie

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