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Gutuitive Microbiome Report

Gutuitive Microbiome Report

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  • What is a Gut Microbiome?

    The gut microbiota consists of trillions of micro-organisms that live in our digestive tracts. These micro-organisms, and the delicate balance between them, play an essential role in several body processes, including aiding digestion, supporting the immune response, and even playing a role in brain function and health. The balance of micro-organisms in the gut is referred to as eubiosis, and it is essential for general health and well-being. When this balance is disrupted, resulting in "gut dysbiosis," we often experience illnesses and various diseases. The micro-organisms in the gut have different functional relationships both with each other, and with the host, and depending on their functional categories, they are classified as Probiotics, Pathogens, Opportunists, or Commensals.

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  • Full Report

    The microbes in the gut can be categroised in 4 ways. The beneficial (Probiotic), harmful (Pathogen) or normal (Opportunistic/Commensal)

  • Recommendations

    Nutrition Recommendation For Gut Enrichment

    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B9
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B2

    Food Category

  • Health

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Les Cures

Les cures

La Cure Tonus

Complément alimentaire tonus

La Cure Immunité

Complément alimentaire Défenses immunitaires

La Cure Digestion

Complément alimentaire Ballonement

La Cure Anti-Âge

Complément alimentaire Anti-âge

La Cure Articulations

Complément alimentaire articulation genou

La Cure Sport

Complément alimentaire sportif

La Cure Anti-Rides

Complément alimentaire Peau

La Cure Beauté

Complément alimentaire beauté

La Cure Récupération

Compléments alimentaires récupération musculaire

La Cure Sommeil

Complément alimentaire Troubles du sommeil

La Cure Cheveux

Complément alimentaire Capillaire

La Cure Concentration

Complément alimentaire concentration

La Cure Transit

Complément alimentaire Transit

La Cure Anti-Stress

Complément alimentaire anti-stress

La Cure Grossesse

Complément alimentaire grossesse

La Cure Peau Sensible

complément alimentaire peau sensible

La Cure Détox

Complément alimentaire Détox foie

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