All living organisms can either be prokaryotic or eukaryotic, depending on the structural features of their cells. The main difference between these two groups is that eukaryotes have a true nucleus that contains their genetic material (in the form of DNA), while prokaryotes do not. Bacteria and archaea are prokaryotes, while protists, fungi, animals and plants are eukaryotes. The above groups are referred to as kingdoms, and all living organisms are classified into these kingdoms, on the basis of their genetics and physiological characteristics. A phylum (plural: phyla) is taxonomic classification or rank below kingdom and above class. The dominant microbial phyla found in the gut are Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Actinobacteria, Proteobacteria, Fusobacteria, and Verrucomicrobia, with Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes representing 90% of the gut microbiota.



Your Results Explained

Cohort is a group of people defining a particular characteristic, living in a similar geographical region. Comparing phyla to cohort is important to estimate or measure the outcome of relativness and validation.

Your Phyla result does not determine the unhealthy state, it is a comparison to geographically-matched, healthy cohort population. The result also helps you to follow some recommendations to improve your current state and fall in the range closer to the cohort. This can be done by including pre biotics and pro biotics in your diet.

Your phyla results vary greatly from those of the healthy cohort. You can improve this by following suggested recommendations.

Your phyla results are similar to those of the healthy cohort. You can maintain these results by following suggested recommendations.

Your phyla results show that you are somewhere in between to being too far or close than the healthy cohort. You may want to maintain this by following suggested recommendations.



Les Cures

Les cures

La Cure Tonus

Complément alimentaire tonus

La Cure Immunité

Complément alimentaire Défenses immunitaires

La Cure Digestion

Complément alimentaire Ballonement

La Cure Anti-Âge

Complément alimentaire Anti-âge

La Cure Articulations

Complément alimentaire articulation genou

La Cure Sport

Complément alimentaire sportif

La Cure Anti-Rides

Complément alimentaire Peau

La Cure Beauté

Complément alimentaire beauté

La Cure Récupération

Compléments alimentaires récupération musculaire

La Cure Sommeil

Complément alimentaire Troubles du sommeil

La Cure Cheveux

Complément alimentaire Capillaire

La Cure Concentration

Complément alimentaire concentration

La Cure Transit

Complément alimentaire Transit

La Cure Anti-Stress

Complément alimentaire anti-stress

La Cure Grossesse

Complément alimentaire grossesse

La Cure Peau Sensible

complément alimentaire peau sensible

La Cure Détox

Complément alimentaire Détox foie

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