What are Enterotypes?

Clinical use of knowing your enterotype :

  1. Identification of a disease state in an individual.
  2. Knowing the risk or susceptibility of developing certain conditions.
  3. Useful biomarker for changes that occur upon disease progression.
  4. Helps to understand treatment options and responses.

Depending upon the microbiota composition, enterotypes are classified into 3 types., Type 1, Bacteroides,Type 2- Prevotella and Type 3- Ruminococcus. Categorising people into enterotypes makes it possible to provide personalised microbiome-based recommendations on the basis of the dominant cluster of bacteria that colonises their gastro-intestinal tracts.

Interpretation of three enterotypes :

  1. Enterotypes 1: Bacteroides are associated with diets enriched in animal proteins and saturated fats, specialized on animal carbohydrates and low in fiber. People belonging to Bacteroides enterotype are likely to improve metabolic parameters under medical interventions.
  2. Enterotypes 2:Prevotella are associated with enriched fiber-rich diets, carbohydrates-enriched, resistant starch and specialized in degradation of plant fibers. People belonging to Prevotella enriched entrotype are likely to improve in weight loss and have lower LDL-c levels.
  3. Enterotypes 3:Ruminococcus are associated with membrane transporters of simple sugars and are able to degrade mucin. It functions in the efficient binding of mucin and its hydrolysis then uptake of the resulting simple sugars. This enterotype employ different routes to generate energy from fermentable substrates available in the colon of a specialized in ecological niches.

What are Enterotypes ?

Your Predominant Enterotype


Key Characteristics

  • In the gut, ruminococcus converts complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) into nutrients that can be effectively utilised by the host.
  • These essential bacteria are required to digest variety of fibers.

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Les Cures

Les cures

La Cure Tonus

Complément alimentaire tonus

La Cure Immunité

Complément alimentaire Défenses immunitaires

La Cure Digestion

Complément alimentaire Ballonement

La Cure Anti-Âge

Complément alimentaire Anti-âge

La Cure Articulations

Complément alimentaire articulation genou

La Cure Sport

Complément alimentaire sportif

La Cure Anti-Rides

Complément alimentaire Peau

La Cure Beauté

Complément alimentaire beauté

La Cure Récupération

Compléments alimentaires récupération musculaire

La Cure Sommeil

Complément alimentaire Troubles du sommeil

La Cure Cheveux

Complément alimentaire Capillaire

La Cure Concentration

Complément alimentaire concentration

La Cure Transit

Complément alimentaire Transit

La Cure Anti-Stress

Complément alimentaire anti-stress

La Cure Grossesse

Complément alimentaire grossesse

La Cure Peau Sensible

complément alimentaire peau sensible

La Cure Détox

Complément alimentaire Détox foie

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