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Our objective

We focus on cellular health using biotechnology

We use biotechnology as complementary and alternative medicine to help understand the body’s electromagnetic waves, which may have the ability to alter gene expression.

Electromagnetic frequencies can be found in the cells of the body and can aid in the reproduction of healthy cells.

If these frequencies are blocked or disrupted, the onset of delayed symptoms can occur and eventually lead to related chronic symptoms.

Origin26 LaScience Cellular Health Biotechnology

The scientific introduction

Origin26 LaScience Introduction Trillions cells 200px

37+ trillion cells

There are approximately over 37 trillion cells in the human body. The body relies on cell communication to replicate into healthy cells working in harmony to perform all of the basic functions necessary for human survival.

Origin26 LaScience Introduction blocks life 200px

The building blocks of life

Cells are the building blocks of all living things and provide structure to the body, nutrients from food, convert nutrients into energy, and perform specialized functions. The hereditary material is found in the cells. Cells can also make copies of themselves.

Origin26 LaScience Introduction atoms 200px

100 trillion atoms in 1 cell

When cells are viewed granularly, we find that each of the trillions of cells in the human body is made up of 100 trillion atoms. This means that there are over 37 trillion cells multiplied by 100 trillion atoms in the human body.

Origin26 LaScience Introduction Hair atoms 200px

Hair contains atoms

Hair is known to carry a unique atomic signature for every human being. For this reason, it can be used as a method of identifying a person's cellular health by understanding how atoms work.

Introduction to biotechnology

Origin26 LaScience Biotechnology Introduction Atom 200px

The energy of an atom

The orbiting nature of an atom relies on frequency (i.e. energy) to oscillate in waves. The laws of nature state that everything has energy, whether solid, liquid or gas and that all atoms are in a constant state of motion.

Origin26 LaScience Biotechnology Introduction Energy 200px

The energy of everything

If atoms are in all matter, then our technology analyzes the frequency (energy) emitted by a hair sample containing atoms that are unique to the person. Our technology is pre-programmed with the atomic frequency (energy) of each element we test.

Origin26 LaScience Biotechnology Introduction Compatibility 200px

Energy compatibility

Our technology combines the energetic atomic frequency of a hair sample and the energetic atomic frequency of the element being tested, which will give an answer based on the conclusive measurement.

Origin26 LaScience Biotechnology Introduction Results 200px

The result

Our technology will then formulate a conclusive measure of the potential: Incompatibility or frequency deficit, Incompatibility or slight frequency deficit or, Stable frequency compatibility. These results are then shown in red, orange or green in your results.

Your results!

Your results can be interpreted in an easy-to-read, color-coded format.

  • Green – Stable and compatible response
  • Orange –Mild incompatibility or mild deficit
  • Red – Incompatibility or high deficit
Origin26 LaScience Results