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The biotechnology industry is one of the most innovative and fast growing industries today.

We are shaping this industry and setting benchmarks for the future of genomics services through our commitment to our mission, vision and values.

We are focused not only on providing the highest quality products and services, but also on making a difference in the lives of everyone who is touched by our business.

Aims to provide innovative, cost-effective and easily accessible genomics services of the highest possible standard to support excellence in medical research and clinical delivery.

Genomics can use gene information to:

The Genomics Health Futures mission will build on existing research to demonstrate the benefits of genomics and related technologies for patients and the healthcare system. As the use of genomics becomes more widespread, there will be more and more opportunities to adapt and refine disease management. This means that more costly and avoidable diagnostic procedures and treatments will cease.


We live our vision

To provide a quality, dynamic and consultative genomics service to initiate innovative research leading to improved healthcare.

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We will always keep up to date with the latest studies and medical advice, which will then be channeled and personalized according to your DNA. Personalized medicine is revolutionizing the world of medical science, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you can benefit from it.


Your data and associated transactions will be stored on the private IBM Blockchain Hyperledger platform, via innovative smart contracts.  Blockchain technology guarantees absolute standards of immutability and security, for data and transactions.


The more data we have, the better we can interpret your DNA and then share the results with you. The evolution of genetic research, as well as the artificial intelligence environments that we test, will allow us to expand your information and provide you with related suggestions.


DNA test results will be processed using Big Data technologies and stored on secure platforms such as IBM Storage solutions. You will always have access to the data and can take advantage of future advances in genomics.


Your fully certified partner in consumer genomics


All data is stored and processed on German servers.
We do not share data with third parties.
Only necessary data is requested.
Customer data is stored using the most advanced security tools

ISO 13485

Complete documentation and traceability of production processes.
Compliance with regulatory requirements with respect to European, US and national directives on medical devices, in vitro diagnostics or drugs.
The quality management system complies with FDA QSR standards.

ISO 17025

Confidentiality and integrity of test data guaranteed.
The test results are recognized by authorities and customs, etc. for the release of pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs and animal feed, in case of legal implications