Infectious Disease Reports

Infectious Disease Reports


What is included in this report?

Origin26 analyzes YOUR BIOLOGY, informs you of YOUR HEALTH and offers you NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS pour to support:

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What is Genetics?

Humans are made up of cells

Cells consist of nucleus

The nucleus is made up of chromosomes

Chromosomes are made up of DNA

DNA is made up of genes

Genes are encoded by nucleotides

Changes in nucleotides lead to genetic variations

What is Predictive Genetics?

Genetic variations make us all unique

Population prone to curly hair

Population prone to blue eyes

Population at high risk of obesity

Population at high risk of heart attack

Terms of Service

This report only provides information on genetic predispositions and may not indicate current conditions or characteristics.

The genetic risk or predisposition stated in the report is based on statistically relevant genomic research studies, which should not be considered as a diagnosis of any general health condition or well-being.

The information in the report can provide an understanding of one's genetic risks and can help in making informed decisions regarding one's well-being and goals.

The traits in the report are not genetically linked; their genetic associations are independent of each other. Therefore, each trait score and each interpretation are independent of each other.

Please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare professional before making any changes related to diet, fitness, health and wellness.



What is your
ideal DNA Test?
What is your
ideal DNA Test?