Premium Health Offer

Premium Health Offer

Your DNA test includes:
  • 4 Analysis reports included, to be selected from the 25 reports below.
  • You can add other analysis reports after purchasing this DNA Test.
  • 1 DNA sampling kit delivered to your home.
  • Dashboard.
  • Your secure information.

From: 390,00 

Select the reports to include

DNA test kit box

Nutrigenomics report

Dermatology report

Fitness Genomics Report

Allergy Report

Personality Traits Report

Report on hormonal disorders

Dependency report

Neurology report

Lifestyle Genomics Report

Ophthalmology report

Kidney Disorder Report

Report on traits associated with the circadian rhythm

Report on gastrointestinal disorders

Lung Disorders Report

Vaccinenomics report

Immunology report

Dental disease report

Cardiovascular Disease Report

Reports of IVF and pregnancy loss

Blood Disease Reports

Bone Health and Disease Reports

Infectious Disease Reports

PGx pharmacogenetic Report

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What is your
ideal DNA Test?
What is your
ideal DNA Test?