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Elements ImageEggs and Meats
Elements ImageFish and seafood
Elements ImageLactose, A-Lactalbumin, B-Lactalbumin
Elements ImageDairy products, cheeses and milk
Elements ImageGluten
Elements ImageCaffeine
Elements ImageSoy
Elements ImageCereals
Elements ImageVegan cereals
Elements ImageSeeds and Nuts
Elements ImageCooking oils and fats
Elements ImageSugars (diabetic and non-diabetic)
Elements ImageBrassicas, Roots, Solanaceae and Leafy Vegetables
Elements ImageCitrus fruits, berries, exotic fruits, stone fruits and melon
Elements ImageSpirits, liqueurs, beers and wines
Elements ImageCandida and yeast strains
Elements ImageGut biome (friendly bacteria)
Elements ImageGut bacteria strains and levels
Elements ImageDigestive enzyme levels




What is your
ideal DNA Test?
What is your
ideal DNA Test?