Blood sugar

  • Reduces the transformation of carbohydrates into glucose,
  • Reduces starch assimilated by the intestines,
  • Less demand for insulin,
  • Use of fat reserves by the body,
  • Possible loss of superfluous kilos,
  • Maintain normal blood glucose levels
  • Contributes to normal insulin metabolism.

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Stabilized blood sugar

The Japanese mulberry has the properties of reducing the transformation of carbohydrates into assimilable glucose and starch by the intestines. This results in a lower demand for insulin and a use of fat reserves by the body. Hence the possible loss of excess pounds.


Fenugreekhelps maintain normal blood glucose levels and contributes to normal insulin metabolism. Originally from North Africa and the Mediterranean basin, this annual plant has long been cultivated in Asia, particularly in India and China. Fenugreek is an annual plant with leaves composed of three oval leaflets, similar to those of clover, which can reach 60 centimeters in height. The yellowish-white flowers give fruits which are pods eight centimeters long containing ten to twenty angular seeds of light brown color, with a strong characteristic odor.


Eucalyptusalso called Globular Eucalyptus, Tasmanian blue gum, kinimpotsy or kininimpotsy (in Malagasy), it is the champion for respiratory and pulmonary diseases. Purifying, it soothes and combats seasonal illnesses and detoxifies the digestive and urinary parts. Eucalyptus is a beautiful ornamental tree native to South Australia and Tasmania, introduced to most countries with a warm temperate climate (Spain, Portugal, Australia). It is large in size, 30 meters in height (and up to 100 meters in Australia). Its flowers form a small box opening with a lid: the stamens are enclosed in a case closed by an operculum (hence the name eucalyptus from the Greek eu= well and kaluptos= covered) formed by the fusion of the petals and /or sepals.


The gymnema. For more than 2,500 years, Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) has used gymnema, called shardunika, to treat the disease that Indian doctors call madhu meha, “honey urine”, or diabetes mellitus. In India, the plant is also called gurmar, literally “which destroys sugar”. This name refers to a property of gymnema leaves: when chewed, they inhibit, for 1 to 2 hours, the taste buds sensitive to sweet taste. In Australia, Japan and Vietnam, gymnema is also traditionally used, alone or with other herbs and supplements, to lower blood glucose levels in diabetics.


Olive leaf extract a natural source produced from olive leaves. It contains a very high level of oleuropein, a bioactive phytonutrient specific to the olive tree, which helps to control blood lipids and prevent the absorption of carbohydrates. It is intended for anyone wishing to improve their cardiovascular health and maintain the integrity of their blood vessels.


Chrome Picolatine is an essential trace element for human health. Although its mode of action has not yet been fully elucidated, it is known to increase tissue sensitivity to insulin. This helps normalize and stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Chromium also plays a role in the metabolism of fats and proteins, and promotes the action of several enzymes necessary for the functioning of the body.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a healthcare professional.

This dietary supplement should not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep away from light and humidity and at a temperature below 25°C. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.


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