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Get started with Origin26

Introduce personalized DNA-based health to your community.

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Origin26, a large Biotechnology company with excellent expertise and scientific experience.

Leverage the science of Origin26 Genomics for your healthcare business.

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Become an Ambassador!!

Leverage the science of Origin26 Genomics for your healthcare business.

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Origin26, a great Biotechnology company with an excellent expertise and great scientific background

Discover all our DNA assessments

Well-Being DNA Assessment

Genetic variations make us all unique

to Protein

As per your genetics, your Protein Response is good.

Vitamin A

As per your genotype, your Vitamin A Metabolism is typical.


As per your genotype, your Lactose Metabolism is very poor.

Anti-Aging Skin DNA Test

O26 SkinCareDNA is a scientific Genetic Assessment that identifies the genetic potential of your skin

DNA analysis results include

  1. Collagen quality
  2. Skin Elasticity
  3. Lines and wrinkles
  4. Sun protection
  5. Pigmentation
  6. Antioxidants for the skin
  7. Skin Sensitivity


DNA test kit

Our home DNA test kit is the only health DNA test kit in the world that analyzes 83 million genetic variants to provide accurate polygenic risk scores. Global shipping available!

DNA Analysis Report Sample

Sport DNA test

Improve your physical condition with the O26 SportDNA Genetic Assessment

Follow a fitness routine made for your genes

DNA test Overweight and obesity

Discover the secret to reaching your weight goals today, using information from your own genetic code.

Results include:

Custom recommendations for:

Hair Loss DNA Test

Genetic assessment for personalized treatment against hair loss.

Benefits of HairDNA O26 assessment

In addition to benefiting from a unique and tailor-made hair loss treatment plan, there are many advantages offered to you if you choose to take O26 HairDNA. Here are some examples :

The DNA Analysis Reports

Educate your community about personalized, predictive and precision health


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Customer data is stored using the most advanced security tools

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Full documentation and traceability of production processes.
Compliance with regulatory requirements with respect to EU, US and national directives on medical devices, in vitro diagnostics or drugs.
The quality management system complies with FDA QSR standards.

ISO 17025

Confidentiality and integrity of test data guaranteed.
The test results are recognized by authorities and customs, etc. for the release of pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs and animal feed, in case of legal implications.