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"Our diet today no longer covers the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyphenols. Taking appropriate supplements makes it possible to compensate for these deficiencies."

Doctor Nutritionist Member of the Scientific Committee of Origin26


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Take the test in 5 minutes to discover your personalized recommendations, made by our scientific committee.

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Receive your monthly box and take your selection of supplements each day, with a glass of water.

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Adopt your new well-being habit with our monitoring application and develop your goals with the advice of our Experts. Change your subscription at any time.

Why is Origin26 different?

A precise dosage adapted to your needs, fair prices and clear answers. You get exactly what you need, every month.



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We promise full transparency throughout your Origin26 experience.

We recommend only what you need when you need it. And this, thanks to the expertise of our Scientific Committee and the studies and research available.


For the design of our supplements, nothing is left to chance: our formulations are designed in collaboration with our Scientific Committee and take into account the latest clinical studies as well as European legislation. Once the formula has been validated, we carry out tests to ensure the technical feasibility and stability of the various ingredients in the formula.

We source our active ingredients and select high quality ingredients (50% of our raw materials are patented). Finally, we entrust the manufacture of our supplements to three partner manufacturers, chosen for their capacity for innovation in galenic forms and their experience. All three have ISO 22000 and Ecocert certifications, guarantees of their quality.

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We are unique and our nutritional needs change throughout our lives. There can therefore be no universal recipe for supplements. The Origin26 experience was designed to meet your specific needs and to grow with you.

Every 2 months, we take stock to understand the changes in your life, and adapt our recommendations with the help of our Scientific Committee.

The opinions

Origin26 Testimonials Justine

“Just got my new supplement pack…it’s testing, results, education, advice and most importantly…solutions! ”


Origin26 Testimonials Krisztina

“I'm very happy with the results, guys! I took their home test for food allergies and not only learned which foods (and in my case, supplements) I needed to start avoiding, but I also got a tailored supplement regimen. A few weeks later and I have more energy during the day and indigestion! ”



Rebalance your body and gut microbiome.


Rebalance your body and gut microbiome

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Rebalance your body and gut microbiome

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