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Your Well-BeingDNA assessment

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Your Genetic Assessment​

1 DNA sampling kit delivered to you

1 Genetic assessment O26 Well-beingDNA

Analyse 13 gènes


GPR44 · PGTFR · PTGES2 · SULT1A1 · GR-alpha · CYP19 · SR5DA · AS · COL1A1 · CRABP2 · BTD · IGFR-1

Analyse 48 variations génétiques

Caractéristiques incluses

Iron Metabolism · Vitamin B9 Metabolism · Vitamin C Metabolism · Vitamin D Metabolism · Vitamin A Metabolism · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Alopecia · Striae Distensae · Acne · Sunburns · Tanning ability · Sun Spots · Psoriasis · Eczema · Pemphigus Foliaceus · Type 1 Diabetes · Foot Ulcers · Discoid Lupus · Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia · Pemphigoid · Lichen Planus · Systemic Sclerosis · Systemic Lupus Erythematosus · Microscopic Polyangiitis · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Tooth agenesis · Venous Thrombosis · Infective Endocarditis · Immune thrombocytopenia · Psoriatic Arthritis · Syphilis

7 voies Biogénétiques
  • Métabolisme des prostaglandines : GPR44-1 ; GPR44-2 ; PTGFR-1; PTGFR-2; PTGFR-3; PTGES2 ; SULT1A1.
  • Inflammation : GR-alpha.
  • Androgène : CYP19 ; SR5DA1 ; SR5DA2.
  • Vasodilatation et circulation sanguine : ACE
  • Collagène : COL1A1.
  • Métabolisme des vitamines et minéraux : CRABP2 ; BTD.
  • Insuline : IGFR-1.

Counseling to review diagnostic and treatment options

Personalized recommendations

Patient portal account

to Protein

As per your genetics, your Protein Response is good.

Vitamin A

As per your genotype, your Vitamin A Metabolism is typical.

As per your genotype, your Lactose Metabolism is very poor.
Our genetic information is essential for making some of the most important decisions in our lives. Indeed, there are diseases that we can prevent, and our DNA can help us identify them.
Discover your genetic predisposition with a Well-Being Genetic Assessment!

DNA Health Reports

Take control of your health.

Polygenic risk scores
The only genetic health test and analysis that reveals your likelihood of experiencing specific health conditions using ancestry-based polygenic risk scores.
Personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle suggestions
Receive a prioritized list of suggestions based on your unique genetic variants.
Personalized health plan
Receive a one-of-a-kind health plan designed for your body based on your DNA test.
Genetic variations make us all unique
Nutrients are able to interact with molecular mechanisms and modulate the physiological functions of the organism. Nutritional genomics focuses on the interaction between bioactive food components and the genome, which includes nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.


Nutrigenomics provides a genetic understanding of how common dietary components affect the balance between health and disease by altering the expression and/or structure of an individual's genetic makeup.

5 easy steps to get your O26 Genetic Assessment

Order your complete DNA test via our online store today or
Go online to Origin26.com and register your kit barcode
Use the swabs found in the kit to collect your DNA and send the samples to our lab.
You will receive an email when your samples arrive at the lab and our science team will extract and process your DNA for gene analysis
You will receive an email within 6/8 weeks indicating that your personalized report has been uploaded to your secure online account and is ready for viewing.

DNA Analysis Report Sample

Discover a diet made
for your DNA

Optimal balance of macronutrients

Response to dietary fat

Genetic risk of food sensitivities

Potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies And more!

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Origin26 Testimonials Justine

Je viens de recevoir mon nouveau pack de suppléments... c'est des tests, des résultats, de l'éducation, des conseils et surtout... des solutions !


Origin26 Testimonials Krisztina

Je suis très content des résultats, les gars ! J'ai passé leur test à domicile pour les allergies alimentaires et j'ai non seulement appris quels aliments (et dans mon cas, les suppléments) je devais commencer à éviter, mais j'ai également reçu un régime de suppléments sur mesure. Quelques semaines plus tard et j'ai plus d'énergie pendant la journée et comme... zéro indigestion !


Origin26 Testimonials Megan

Je viens de recevoir mon nouveau pack de suppléments... c'est des tests, des résultats, de l'éducation, des conseils et surtout... des solutions !


83 million SNPs

The health DNA test kit chip contains over 700,000 SNPs and Origin26 uses state-of-the-art AI technology to predict and analyze up to 83 million SNPs that significantly influence health risk.

Based on saliva

Our simple saliva-based home DNA test can be performed in less than 5 minutes.

High accuracy

Our DNA health test kit chip has been carefully created for its highly accurate testing capabilities and wide range of SNP coverage.

The future of health

Polygenic risk scores

The only company in the world using ancestry-based polygenic risk scoring to analyze 83 million genetic variants and produce accurate risk scores.

65+ scientists & engineers

Skilled professionals with expertise in genomics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Prediction of genetic variants

Advanced AI-driven algorithms analyze and predict 83 million genetic variants with 99.7% accuracy.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy is a top priority & that's why:

Supplements with all the right ingredients for your DNA.

Origin26 is the only place where you can get a fully customized supplement formula based on your genetic testing.

Health starts with you!!