Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx)

Turn genetic data into actionable treatment information that can help you refine drug choices and personalize dosing.

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Your Genetic Assessment​

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1 PharmacogeneticsDNA O26 Genetic Assessment

Analysis of 13 genes


GPR44 · PGTFR · PTGES2 · SULT1A1 · GR-alpha · CYP19 · SR5DA · AS · COL1A1 · CRABP2 · BTD · IGFR-1

Analysis of 48 genetic variations

Features included

Iron Metabolism · Vitamin B9 Metabolism · Vitamin C Metabolism · Vitamin D Metabolism · Vitamin A Metabolism · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Alopecia · Striae Distensae · Acne · Sunburns · Tanning ability · Sun Spots · Psoriasis · Eczema · Pemphigus Foliaceus · Type 1 Diabetes · Foot Ulcers · Discoid Lupus · Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia · Pemphigoid · Lichen Planus · Systemic Sclerosis · Systemic Lupus Erythematosus · Microscopic Polyangiitis · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Tooth agenesis · Venous Thrombosis · Infective Endocarditis · Immune thrombocytopenia · Psoriatic Arthritis · Syphilis

7 Biogenetic pathways

  • Prostaglandin metabolism: GPR44-1; GPR44-2; PTGFR-1; PTGFR-2; PTGFR-3; PTGES2; SULT1A1.
  • Inflammation : GR-alpha.
  • Androgen: CYP19; SR5DA1; SR5DA2.
  • Vasodilation and blood circulation: ACE
  • Collagen: COL1A1.
  • Metabolism of vitamins and minerals: CRABP2; BTD.
  • Insulin: IGF-1.

Counseling to review diagnostic and treatment options

Personalized recommendations

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Genetic information should be key when prescribing

Better understand the patient’s unique genetic profile to reduce the painful process of trial and error and the risk of interaction.
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Drugs contain FDA warnings, dosage recommendations, or drug interaction advice based on specific genetic variants.
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Origin26 clinicians say they can now make safer, more informed treatment decisions with a higher level of confidence.

Pharmacogenomics can play an important role in identifying drug responders and non-responders, avoiding adverse events, and optimizing drug dose.

Food and Drug Administration

Easily customize medication plans

Pharmacogenetic testing from Origin26 gives you and your patient easy access to this critical treatment information without compromising accuracy or depth of information.

Access comprehensive genetic information on 24 genes to evaluate over 800 drugs in our precision medicine software: O26 Pharmacogenetics

Enjoy fast, easy and accurate treatment - painless collection of cheek swabs and results in 3-5 days or less with 99.9% lab accuracy

Offer payment options that suit your patients - HSA/FSA eligible, flexible payment plans and patient support

Seamless integration into your model of care with flexible collection options – keep test kits on hand or send them directly to patients

How Pharmacogenetic Testing Works

Ordering, tracking, and status updates related to your test results are easily accessible by logging into our Precision Health platform after registering with Origin26.

DNA Analysis Report Sample

Custom report views to fit your processing approach

Assess patient outcomes based on your needs and approach with our flexible report views.

Pharmacodynamic genetic variation report

Assess 15 pharmacodynamic (PD) gene outcomes to understand how their genotype may affect tolerability and/or the likelihood of responding to specific treatment options.

Pharmacokinetic Gene Variation Report

Assess 9 pharmacokinetic (PK) gene outcomes to understand how their genotype may affect drug metabolism and absorption of certain drugs.

Gene-Drug Interactions Summary Report

Understand how your patient’s genetic profile interacts with commonly prescribed medications by summarizing PK and PD results for each medication. Understand how their genotype can influence biological response, drug absorption, metabolism, or blood-brain barrier penetration.

Diagnostic-specific summary report

All results are organized into a visually plotted view based on clinical diagnosis. When you’re short on time, this might be the report view for you!

Test Methodology / Literature Reference

Easily access descriptions of testing methodology, more detailed information regarding testing for genetic variants (i.e. single nucleotide polymorphisms) and bibliographic references.

Drug metabolism patient card

Knowing how your patient metabolizes drugs is as important as knowing their blood type. Increase the value of your patient’s genetic report. Patients can share their individual genotype, for six genetic variations that impact drug metabolism, with any provider.

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