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O26 HairDNA


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Your Alopecia Genetic Assessment​

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Analysis of 112 genes


GPR44 · PGTFR · PTGES2 · SULT1A1 · GR-alpha · CYP19 · SR5DA · AS · COL1A1 · CRABP2 · BTD · IGFR-1

Analysis of genetic variations

Caractéristiques incluses

Iron Metabolism · Vitamin B9 Metabolism · Vitamin C Metabolism · Vitamin D Metabolism · Vitamin A Metabolism · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Alopecia · Striae Distensae · Acne · Sunburns · Tanning ability · Sun Spots · Psoriasis · Eczema · Pemphigus Foliaceus · Type 1 Diabetes · Foot Ulcers · Discoid Lupus · Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia · Pemphigoid · Lichen Planus · Systemic Sclerosis · Systemic Lupus Erythematosus · Microscopic Polyangiitis · Irritant Contact Dermatitis · Tooth agenesis · Venous Thrombosis · Infective Endocarditis · Immune thrombocytopenia · Psoriatic Arthritis · Syphilis

Analysis of biogenetic pathways

  • Métabolisme des prostaglandines : GPR44-1 ; GPR44-2 ; PTGFR-1; PTGFR-2; PTGFR-3; PTGES2 ; SULT1A1.
  • Inflammation : GR-alpha.
  • Androgène : CYP19 ; SR5DA1 ; SR5DA2.
  • Vasodilatation et circulation sanguine : ACE
  • Collagène : COL1A1.
  • Métabolisme des vitamines et minéraux : CRABP2 ; BTD.
  • Insuline : IGFR-1.

Counseling to review diagnostic and treatment options

Personalized recommendations

Patient portal access


O26 HairDNA

O26 HairDNA A genetic assessment against hair loss

O26 HairDNA is a genetic test that analyzes 13 genes, 48 ​​genetic variations and 7 metabolic pathways as well as lifestyle factors to accurately recommend personalized hair loss treatments.

Studies show that there is a relationship between your genetic profile and how your hair loss responds to different types of treatment.

This means that not all hair loss treatments work for everyone and the success of any given treatment depends on your genetic profile and lifestyle factors.

Thanks to the unique analysis performed by O26 HairDNA, we can identify the hair loss treatments most likely to provide you with the best results.

The process is simple and the collection can be done by anyone.

Exemple de Rapports d'Analyses ADN

Benefits of HairDNA O26 assessment

In addition to benefiting from a unique and tailor-made hair loss treatment plan, there are many advantages available to you if you choose to take O26 HairDNA. Here are some examples :


O26 HairDNA ™ peut éliminer les suppositions, vous faire gagner du temps, de l’argent et vous offrir une réelle opportunité de voir les résultats de votre traitement contre la perte de cheveux.

Jetez un œil ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur comment et pourquoi ce test innovant a été créé et comment il peut être utilisé.

O26 HairDNA™ - Traitements

Il y a trois questions importantes à considérer avant de choisir un traitement contre la perte de cheveux :

Les réponses à ces questions contribueront grandement à déterminer le succès de votre traitement contre la chute de cheveux. Cependant, c’est quelque chose que O26 HairDNA ™ peut aider à déterminer et ci-dessous, nous avons expliqué plus à ce sujet et la science derrière les traitements et les recommandations fournies par notre test innovant.


Hair loss treatments come in many shapes and sizes, including medications, vitamins and supplements, oils, shampoos, and everything in between. However, not all treatments are backed by scientific research, so it's important to understand the evidence behind each option.

Additionally, not all treatments work for everyone and even with scientifically proven treatments aimed at the correct underlying cause of hair loss, treatment success can still be determined by your genetics and style factors. life.

For example, a common and proven ingredient for hair loss is topical Minoxidil and numerous scientific studies indicate that Minoxidil has no effect on 20% of the world's population. Indeed, their genetics simply do not respond to this ingredient and therefore there is no positive effect on the treatment of hair loss.

The 7 Biogenetic Categories

The O26HairDNA scientific analysis focuses specifically on the 7 biogenetic categories related to the treatment of hair loss and can therefore identify if your genetics are likely to respond to this treatment and many others.

This means that not only can O26 HairDNA indicate whether or not a treatment is likely to work, it can also recommend alternative treatments that are more likely to be successful in addressing a particular underlying cause. This is a world first and a huge step forward in the treatment of hair loss.

These 7 biogenetic categories related to the treatment of hair loss and analyzed by O26HairDNA are listed below with some treatment examples:

Biogenetic category analyzed by O26HairDNA Examples of treatment types
  • Latanoprost
  • Minoxidil
  • Prostaquinon
  • Clobetasol Propionate
  • Ketoconazole
  • Hydrocortisone acetate
  • Betamethasone dipropionate
Androgenic effect
  • Dutasteride
  • 17a-Estradiol
  • Finasteride

Vasodilation and blood circulation
  • Oral caffeine
Synthesis of collagen
  • Collagen supplementation
Vitamin metabolism
  • Oral biotin
  • Vitamin A (retinol)
Insulin metabolism
  • Phytocomplex to stimulate growth factors such as KGF, IGF and VEGF

Les 7 catégories Biogénétiques

L’analyse scientifique O26HairDNA™ se concentre spécifiquement sur les 7 catégories biogénétiques liées au traitement de la chute de cheveux et peut donc identifier si votre génétique est susceptible de répondre à ce traitement et à bien d’autres.

Cela signifie que non seulement O26 HairDNA™ peut indiquer si un traitement est susceptible de fonctionner ou non, mais il peut également recommander des traitements alternatifs qui sont plus susceptibles de réussir pour traiter une cause sous-jacente particulière. Il s’agit d’une première mondiale et d’un énorme pas en avant dans le traitement de la chute de cheveux.

Ces 7 catégories biogénétiques liées au traitement de la chute des cheveux et analysées par O26HairDNA™ sont listées ci-dessous avec quelques exemples de traitement :

Catégorie biogénétique analysée par O26HairDNA™ Exemples de types de traitement
  • Latanoprost
  • Minoxidil
  • Prostaquinon
  • Propionate de clobétasol
  • Kétoconazole
  • Acétate d'hydrocortisone
  • Dipropionate de bétaméthasone
Effet androgénique
  • Dutastéride
  • 17a-Estradiol
  • Finastéride
Vasodilatation et circulation sanguine
  • Caféine orale
Synthèse de collagène
  • Supplémentation en collagène
Métabolisme des vitamines
  • Biotine orale
  • Vitamine A (rétinol)
Métabolisme de l'insuline
  • Phytocomplex pour stimuler les facteurs de croissance tels que KGF, IGF et VEGF

Personalized DNA assessment

How does O26 HairDNA work?

O26 HairDNA itself involves getting a saliva swab sample to get your DNA. This swab, along with the online questionnaire to discover your lifestyle factors is then sent to our lab where our trained technicians analyze the 13 genes and 48 genetic variations linked to hair loss.

This analysis is performed to detect variations in DNA called SNPs, to help our understanding of the specific characteristics of your metabolism that often contribute to hair loss.

Once analyzed, you will receive a summary report of your characteristics and how they relate to your response to hair loss treatment. This unique insight can then help create and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

5 easy steps to get your O26 Genetic Assessment

Order your complete DNA test via our online store today or
Go online to and register your kit barcode
Use the swabs found in the kit to collect your DNA and send the samples to our lab.
You will receive an email when your samples arrive at the lab and our science team will extract and process your DNA for gene analysis
You will receive an email within 6/8 weeks indicating that your personalized report has been uploaded to your secure online account and is ready for viewing.

O26 HairDNA


A full report with the explanation of your genetic characteristics and the effectiveness of hair loss treatments will be provided to you


With your advisor, you can agree on an informed treatment plan, knowing that you are selecting the options most likely to provide the best results for treating your hair loss


You will receive an overview of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your hair loss treatment


The analysis used with O26HairDNA has been scientifically validated by global research

About Hair Loss

Hair loss is common.

Hair loss (alopecia) is a progressive disease that has different forms and causes.

The most common type of hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, is hereditary. If left untreated, hair loss usually progresses over time.

80% of men suffer from androgenetic alopecia during their lifetime*.

40% of all women suffer from androgenetic alopecia during their lifetime*.

* Kelly L. Androgenetic alopecia: an update of treatment options. Drugs. 2016 Sep;76(14):134964.

Benefits O26 HairDNA

By choosing O26 HairDNA, you will not only benefit from a tailored treatment plan for your hair loss, you will also be able to make the most of a number of additional benefits.

It provides unique analysis

Not all hair loss treatments work for everyone and the success of any given treatment is determined by your genetics and lifestyle factors. However, the information and information provided by the test is unlike any other and is unique to your situation.

You get a full report and expert support

Your test results are compiled into a detailed report that your hair loss specialist can use to create an informed treatment plan to alleviate your hair loss symptoms. This is something that most competing treatments do not provide.

It's scientifically validated

Unlike many generic hair loss treatments and recommendations, the analysis used in O26 HairDNA is more reliable and has been scientifically validated by worldwide research. The test is also carried out in collaboration with a professional.

It can save you time and money

With this reliable test analysis, you can also avoid wasting your money and time using hair loss treatments that are not compatible with your genetics and lifestyle factors.

The DNA test is simple, fast and effective

Unlike other similar tests, O26 HairDNA can be performed in minutes and subject to the clinic involved, the test can also be performed remotely. In addition, the processing time for your results and report is generally 4 weeks. Finally, the test is considered a “one-time test”, but it can be repeated at no additional cost if your lifestyle factors change but this must be done in conjunction with your specialist.

There is more peace of mind

With a combination of the above benefits, you may also find added peace of mind in choosing a test that can help you determine the best treatment for your hair loss. Moreover, if you were to simply choose a treatment from another supplier without carrying out an analysis beforehand, you could suffer from unwanted side effects. This is something you can look to avoid by choosing O26 HairDNA.

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What is O26 HairDNA?

O26 HairDNA is a genetic test and software solution, developed by Origin26, to support healthcare professionals in the personalization of hair loss treatment. It combines analysis of genetic variations, lifestyle factors, and literature related to hair loss treatment. It offers individualized treatment options through topical, oral, or surgical solutions.

How does O26 HairDNA work?

The Origin26 O26HairDNA itself involves getting a swab sample of saliva to get your DNA. This swab, along with the completion of an online questionnaire to discover your lifestyle factors, is then sent to our lab where our trained technicians then analyze 48 genetic variations linked to hair loss.

This analysis is performed to detect variations in DNA called SNPs, to help our understanding of specific characteristics of your metabolism – which often contribute to hair loss.

Once analyzed, your hair loss professional will receive a summary report of your characteristics and how they relate to your response to hair loss treatment. This unique insight can then help in the creation and recommendation of a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The test is performed by a professional at a hair loss clinic. Some vendors are able to facilitate O26HairDNA™ remotely. Contact a clinic for more information.

Find your local clinic by clicking here

A hair loss consultant or counselor will take a swab from inside your mouth to get a sample of your DNA. You will also be asked to complete a simple questionnaire to determine a number of lifestyle factors including age, height, weight and any medical conditions you may have.

This will be sent to our labs where our specially trained technicians will analyze a total of 48 genetic variations from your DNA sample.

Detecting variations in DNA, called SNPs, helps our understanding of the specific characteristics of your metabolism that contribute to your hair loss.

All SNPs tested by Origin26 O26HairDNA have been scientifically validated by global research.

Within 14 days, your hair loss advisor or counselor will receive a report with your test results. This will tell you what parts of your genetic coding and lifestyle factors may be contributing to your hair loss and recommend effective hair loss treatment options.

What are the genetic variations analyzed by O26 HairDNA?

The genetic variations analyzed by O26 HairDNA are associated with 7 different categories of hair loss treatments:

  • Prostaglandin metabolism
  • Inflammation
  • Androgenic effect
  • Vasodilation and blood circulation
  • Synthesis of collagen
  • Deficiency in vitamins and minerals
  • Insulin metabolism

What is the relationship between the genes analyzed and the treatment options used for hair loss?

The association of the analyzed genes with hair loss treatment possibilities is based on more than 50 publications and scientific evidence.

What is included in the O26 HairDNA test kit?

Each kit contains:

  • 1x mouth swabs;
  • 2x informed consent forms;
  • 1 instruction manual.
  • A stamped return envelope
  • Each O26HairDNA test kit is identified by a unique identification number. A label with the identification number is placed on each swab tube, on the informed consent forms and in the outer part of the box.

An Informed Consent Form is a legal document signed by a patient that gives Origin26 permission to analyze their DNA sample. In addition, it must also be signed by the clinician, thus serving as a legal document for the pre and post genetic analysis consultation.

There are two copies of the informed consent form inside the box. One signed copy should be retained by the clinician and the other signed copy should be sent to Origin26. No sample will be processed by the laboratory without the corresponding signed informed consent form.

How are the samples obtained?

The amount of DNA needed for the analysis is obtained with a buccal swab. The procedure to obtain the sample is simple, painless and can be done at your home, in the clinician's office or in the consultation room.

How is the sampling process carried out?

The sampling process is simple and is also explained in detail in the instructions for use present in the kit.

Before sampling:

  • Patients should avoid eating, smoking, alcohol, drinking (water is the exception) or brushing their teeth at least 1 hour before scraping.
  • Patients are advised to rinse their mouth with water before scratching.
  • Informed consents must be completed and signed by the clinician and the patient.

When sampling:

  • Removing the swab from the swab tube.
  • The inner part of one of the cheeks should be scraped vigorously with the scraping end of the swab for 1 minute, while rotating the swab.
  • The scraping end of the swab should only contact the inside of the cheek.
  • The swab should be returned to the tube and closed.

How effective is O26 HairDNA?

O26 HairDNA provides comprehensive information about the hair loss genetic profile of their patients. The genetic characteristics evaluated can influence the effect of certain treatments used against hair loss. To support the clinician, an O26HairDNA report is created for each patient, providing personalized hair loss treatment suggestions.

The suggested formulations generated in the O26 HairDNA reports are supported by the literature.

What is the expected wait time until the results are received?

The DNA analysis process is complex. The results should be sent approximately 4 weeks after receipt of the sample at our laboratory. This includes the time needed to process the sample and generate a custom report.

How are the results shared?

The results report will be delivered to the clinician directly via the Origin26 online platform. The report can be generated in several languages.

Are the results reliable?

The technology used to analyze DNA is widely validated as a platform for genetic studies, with reproducibility and specificity rates of approximately 99%. Origin26 laboratory technicians are specially trained for this type of analysis and analyze thousands of samples each year, having extensive experience in this process.

If it's such a reliable process, how come sample quality sometimes fails?

Although the methodology used is the best currently available, it may happen that the sample does not contain enough DNA and it is not possible to provide a reliable result. This could be due to many factors, such as the sampling process was not carried out correctly or the sample was not kept under proper temperature conditions before or during shipment.

If the process failed, is it necessary to purchase a new test?

No, in this case a new batch of swabs will be sent without the kit box, to take a new sample from the patient. If the online check-in has already been carried out previously, it will no longer be necessary. A repeat test will be offered free of charge.

What will the results tell the patient?

O26 HairDNA results tell the patient what type of genetic mutation they carry and how lifestyle factors contribute to their hair loss. O26 HairDNA will then provide several recommendations on the best possible treatment to counter the genetic mutation and the patient's lifestyle.

What are the patient's treatment options?

The results obtained with O26 HairDNA provide an indication of the potential effectiveness of the types of hair loss treatment. Treatment is based on the type of genetic mutation the patient has. The patient's treatment is then optimized using the most effective ingredient, treatment procedure and application.

How does the patient access his personalized treatment?

Personalized treatments are provided through a hair loss clinic, there are two types of treatment, one that requires a prescription and one that does not. The hair loss consultant or counselor will be able to provide information on how to get treatment.

Can I get tested through my GP instead?

The test is only available through hair loss and aesthetic clinics. Please use our website to find the clinic.

Can I take the test online?

The report generated by O26 HairDNA is complex and should be interpreted by a clinician or hair loss specialist. This is why the test is only available at hair loss and aesthetic clinics. Please use our website to find the nearest clinic to arrange an O26 HairDNA.

Is it guaranteed to work?

The test is based on global research and is 99.9% accurate. The test determines the cause of your hair loss and recommends the treatment options most likely to work for you. We cannot guarantee that every treatment option will be successful as there are many variables to consider. You should discuss this with your clinician or hair loss treatment expert.

How much will a treatment cost?

The cost of your hair loss treatment will depend on the type of treatment you have. You should discuss treatment options and prices with your clinician or hair loss treatment expert.

Can the test be used on women?

Yes, O26 HairDNA can be used by everyone, regardless of age, gender or race.


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